About Chris Kimberley

Iwant to create customers for all my clients. So how did I come to this purpose in my life?

Well, I was born in country Victoria and my family has its roots in rural Australia and I like to think that I have a certain country, friendly, helpfulness about me.

I’m a seventh generation Australian descending from Edward Kimberley who was transported to Australia in 1788 on the ship Scarborough. (part of the First Fleet). Although we are a young country I think it’s about time Australia became a republic.

I’ve judged cattle carcasses in abattoirs, run a thoroughbred horse stud, established the first farrier apprenticeship in Australia, been a senior lecturer in Strategic Marketing at Monash University and written refereed papers on my research into cattle nutrition.

These seemingly disparate career moves have one thing in common. Helping people to do their job better and creating outcomes that benefit my clients/students. In particular I’ve been fascinated with both human and animal behavior and how to change it.

Changing behavior is the root of all marketing and selling; and I believe the two are inextricably linked and one should not be looked at in isolation of the other. That’s what got me into sales training for call centre staff.

I like to write. I used to write a weekly column on managing horses in the Weekly Times and I also wrote a monthly column in the Beef Improvement News. Since graduating with an MBA specializing in marketing and becoming a Senior Lecturer at Monash University in Strategic Marketing I’ve spoken frequently at marketing seminars. But when I gave up lecturing and became Planning Director for various multinational advertising agencies such as DDB, Y&R and JWT I missed my ability to publicly air my views with the written word. Now that I have started up my own business again I’m looking forward to writing once more.

My first foray into consulting was with a company I set up called Capstone Marketing. It was officially recognised by the State Government as one of the top ten marketing consultancies in Victoria.

I believe my experience in both the practical and theoretical sides of marketing and selling have given me a unique perspective on those topics.

I like finding out what people think; what makes them tick. That’s why I find running focus groups fascinating.

I love watching people. I can sit in an outdoor café just looking at people trying to work them out. That curiosity got me into observational research (now called ethnographic research). You can understand people better by watching what they do. Their actions give them away. It’s not uncommon for people to say one thing and then do another.

I love following sport. I especially like Aussie rules, where I barrack for Hawthorn and participate heavily in football forums. I am a passionate supporter of Australia in both cricket and rugby and follow the forty-niners in American football and Liverpool in the EPL. My iphone is full of sport apps. With so many teams to follow at least one is doing well at any particular time! Following sport is about the only time I don’t think about work.

That work is creating customers for my clients.