What we think


The world has changed and it is no longer enough for marketers to communicate what they want to say. Instead they have to tell consumers what they want to hear.

The consumer is in control.

Consumers can find out most of what they need to know about your product online. They don’t rely on the company sales force or company advertising for information.


The companies that get the best sales are those who are most attractive to consumers. They are attractive because they capture the customers attention and talk to them in a way that is relevant to their needs. The only way to do this is to understand what motivates your customers.


Motivation is what causes people to buy from you.

There are 3 components to motivation – activation, persistence and intensity.

Apple buyers are one of the most motivated buyers on the planet.

For them, activation involves the decision to initiate a behavior, such as buying an iPhone. Persistence is the continued effort toward a goal even though obstacles may exist, such as sourcing information online to find out when and where the new iPhone will be released. Finally, intensity can be seen in the concentration and vigor that goes into pursuing a goal such as camping outside an Apple store to get a new iPhone.