What we do

What we will do for you

We make a difference by understanding consumers like no one else then recommending actions that will create customers to grow your sales and profit.

We begin by researching consumer motivations.
  • We use a proprietary qualitative research methodology to uncover emotional motives that drive consumer decision making
  • We translate that understanding into marketing and sales strategies and actions that will change consumer behaviour.
We are researchers and marketers.
  • We combine both marketing and research disciplines to develop solutions from the “customer up”.
  • Insights can be translated into effective communications strategies, sales strategies, new products, and messaging.
We work collaboratively with our clients.
  • We grow the sales of clients ranging from start-ups to multinational companies in a wide variety of industries.
  • Clients can buy just the research or parts of the strategy or the whole strategy depending on their needs.

In order to achieve our purpose of creating customers for our clients we provide the following services. Common to all these services is an understanding of consumer motivations. 

This includes consumer insight, consumer and market trends, market intelligence, business planning, New Product Development

We put consumer motivations at the centre of everything we do. The insights we derive guide your company to new ways to provide authentic experiences that your consumers will value.

Customer motivations are hard to uncover. Customers themselves don’t even know what motivates them so don’t ask them. Their motivations are exposed by their behavior. People’s actions betray their motivations.

It’s simple really.

Once you know customers’ motivations you can attract them to your brand and sell them your products.

Yes, it does take work to derive a consumer’s motivations from their behavior.  It also takes work to come up with a creative solution in the form of a product.

We do this by conducting ethnographic research where we observe people’s behavior. We’ve accompanied people on shopping trips, gone into people’s homes and looked in their wardrobes, and looked in their refrigerators.

At Pointblanc we use motivational research to gain real insights into why consumers do and don’t buy; we use story telling to determine emotional brand insights for client profit. We combine hard science with soft creativity to make your products more attractive to consumers.

Methods we use


This includes training in selling skills and customer service based on our unique understanding of consumer motivations.

We improve call centre performance by monitoring and measuring the selling capability of your call centre staff AND by helping your coaching staff be better coaches.

We take the guesswork out of improving staff performance.

Our exclusive online sales improvement tool called Performa™ monitors the performance of each call centre agent and isolates areas for improvement

The call centre coach then uses Performa’s online training tool to individually coach the agent by correcting their weaknesses and improving their sales conversions. Performa™ then measures the improved techniques of the sales agent and correlates them with improved sales.

Our Solution
This includes brand planning, brand identity, brand positioning and communications strategy.

The world doesn’t need more data – it needs more knowledge and wisdom. Our research and our thinking simplifies things for clients by understanding what drives consumers to buy from you.

Customers don’t care about you or your products. They are self-centred and they want to know what you can do for them. But the more you chase them the harder they are to get. We defy convention by advising clients not to chase customers. We turn the tables and make the customers chase you for your products by creating Attractor Brands. To do this you have to be different from your competitors on something that is motivating to your customer. We call this motivating differentiation.

This includes mentoring for executives and students

We also help marketing students to understand the difference between the marketing theory they are taught at university and the practice of marketing in the workplace. We mainly do this through guest lectures at the major universities.We give senior marketing executives the benefit of our 20 plus years of experience to help them focus them on what is really important in attracting and managing both staff and customers.

Our unique insights into human nature help these executives make quick and clear management decisions, all with the purpose of creating happy and contented staff and customers. We believe that having satisfied staff and customers is the key to company growth.